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MEET ARTIST MARIE ANTUANELLE We get to know Marie Antuanelle, a multi media artist renowned for her stunning aerial seascape portholes with gemstones, pearls, Swarovski crystals, seashells and liquid glass. Originally from Russia, Marie has been living in Australia for the past five years following a childhood dream to live close to the ocean. A lot of your artwork has reference to the ocean… Yes. It mesmerises me. Sometimes, it’s almost like it puts me in a trance. That constant movement of the waves…and flying above - like a bird or a lost soul.  We’re guessing you didn’t see much of the ocean living in Siberia... Well, actually, my grandmother lived close to The Black Sea, in a small village....

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CREATIVE EMOTION / KALEIDOPRESS by Ak Akkawi “You need to experiment and understand that different pigments have a different weight and how they will interact with each other. It is not the viscosity but the density of the pigment.”Marie has had a busy year of exhibiting her work, doing commission work and running workshops to teach people how to pour resin.Not too long ago, she finished a group exhibition at the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour. It was a group exhibition that involved the art societies in Sydney.Before that, she had an exhibition at the Children’s Hospital which also incorporated the works of the children into the exhibition. Marie donates part of her sales to the hospital.“There was no charity in...

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